Befesa claimed yesterday that "there is no reason for such an extreme measure" as the temporary closure of the waste management plan that manages the Valley of tailings, for alleged environmental violations cluster. The proposal of the regional administration, issued last week, "is disproportionate," according to the letter of the company, which rejects "wrong" conclusions of Service Protection of Nature (SEPRONA) on alleged illegal deposit of 4,000 drums with pollutants. In addition, to influence the penalty is based on a survey of eight months, Befesa recalls that the closure would affect 40 workers and leave the region without a plant "that recycles 80% of the hazardous industrial substances" that are generated in her.
Meritorious service and Environment indicated in their reports that the landfill facilities and waste management after "pipes have been contaminated stormwater facilities and a ravine, with discharges of hazardous substances that led to the promenade of tailings. "
In addition, the Segura basin (CHS) detected 'possible evacuation of leachates conducted furtively ramblizo "of that channel, which justified the revocation of Befesa integrated environmental permit to operate. Befesa also argued before these "observations", which considers devoid "of lower accreditation". In its claim he denied defects in the waterproofing of deposits. Besides, he says, the Rambla of tailings, which they would go liquids, is completely covered with white concrete and perfectly waterproofed, so that any spill would be detected immediately.
Environmental inspectors noted failures as burial containers with unauthorized hazardous waste that had leaked, and the storage of 2,193 barrels of compound ODBC and alleged poor management components with asbestos.
Nor arrested or charged
However, "the complaint and the proposed closure are unfounded" for Befesa, who expressed his surprise at the publication of the Seprona, leading to the proposed sanction, in late June, when the inspection took place on 14 November, that is, eight months ago. In addition, the company noted that the results were forwarded to the Court of Instruction No. 5, which has not accused anyone or ordered to make arrests.
Befesa states in his writing that is exculpatory invoices and reports of the destruction of each waste managed in their facilities, "including drums." In their opinion, this shows that it has acted professionally and in accordance with the regulations.
The company also said that instead of thousands of barrels that refers to the Seprona in its report, inspection only found three, whose content was a suitable waste for storage at the facility. In addition, the electrical tomography conducted by an independent company credited, in the opinion of Befesa, which no metallic glass storage structures such as tanks, drums and pipes.
"Rigorous procedures"
The allegations reiterate that it is not certain severe generic accusation that the waste is not properly treated and defend "the rigorous procedures and conditions of work followed in this installation." Befesa said he has all the permits in order to play its role, as he said, periodically credited to the Administration.
Likewise, studies of airborne particles made by an independent company show that both in the past and at present no involvement by asbestos and that air quality parameters are within normal ranges, thus responding to another part of the complaint, said in a statement.
Finally, denouncing illegal dumping Seprona "is actually a result of a truck-cleaning hose into a pit of rainwater, which follows the law", the company said.