The new European Commissioner for Environment, Maltese Karmenu Vella, reiterated Friday that the filling works to reclaim land from the sea is conducting environmental Gibraltar does not violate EU rules. The previous EU executive and filed the complaint lodged by Spain against this project.

"The Commission is aware of the landfill works being undertaken under the project 'Eastside' and activities on the beach near the project Algarrobo 'Eastside' and has evaluated all information provided in this regard by the Spanish and British authorities. on the basis of the evidence presented, the Commission services have failed to detect any breach of EU environmental legislation, "said Vella in response to a question from MEP UPyD, Fernando Maura .

"The Commission services have no evidence to support the claim that the aggregates used for these fillers are mixed with hazardous waste," stressed the European head of the Environment.

In his interpellation, Maura demanded the EU executive to conduct a "serious" research in the field. UPyD representative argued that the fillings are "seriously damaging" and affect a declared special conservation as well as being intended for a "speculative use" as luxury housing area.

Echoed complaints from environmental organizations under which aggregates being used for fillings, having blocked exports to Spain Gibraltar to prevent such fillers may be mixed with hazardous wastes are also made.