They went to companies under federal jurisdiction, as part of its program of inspection and supervision in industrial matters.

The Profepa found that 2,748 companies comply with environmental regulations.

80 closures, 51 total and 29 partial, which were applied to represent an imminent risk of ecological imbalance, or serious damage or deterioration of natural resources, cases of contamination with dangerous repercussions for ecosystems, their components or to be ordered the public health.

This program aims to prevent and control environmental pollution that can generate industrial activities in their production processes,, and highly risky activities, hazardous waste or contamination of soil.

Recall that a hazardous waste is one who possesses any of the characteristics of corrosivity, reactivity, explosiveness, toxicity, flammability, or contain infectious agents which give them dangerous and packaging, containers, packaging and soil that has been contaminated when transferred to another site.

As for emissions, the Attorney monitors that they are within the provisions of the relevant official standards.

Likewise, in the inspections in this area, PROFEPA verifies that industries have with platforms and sampling ports, which integrate an inventory of emissions and utilize equipment to control emissions and channeled through discharge pipes or chimneys.