The agency reported that the above has been given under the Inspection and Monitoring Program, which has been made an average of 161 visits (132 in Puebla and Tlaxcala, and 29 in the State of Mexico).
During such visits, Profepa staff found several irregularities that violate the General Law for the Prevention and Management of Waste (LGPGIR) and the General Ecological Equilibrium (LGEEPA).
From February to date, Profepa inspectors in Puebla and Tlaxcala closed a total of 20 industries and enterprises in the Atoyac River basin, and ensure nearly 90 cubic meters of hazardous waste, in order to address environmental issues in this tributary.
The total of such closures, 19 were temporary and partial character a temporary full; another company is in the process of closing, and secured three companies 89.4 cubic meters of hazardous waste.
The inspections were carried out at textile, food, chemical, petrochemical, automotive and paper mills located in these entities.
Among major irregularities and led to close them, were a breach of the provisions of LGPGIR and its regulations.
Also, by not exhibit self-categorization as a generator of hazardous waste to the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) and have no registration log of hazardous waste.
In addition to storing without adequate security measures and not check the final destination of hazardous waste at an authorized site.
Profepa said that stocks will continue all along the Atoyac River, which has a length of about 200 km and crosses the states of Tlaxcala and Puebla, in order to curb pollution of this important effluent.
Watersheds of the country was also monitored thus ensuring the protection of rivers and watersheds in the country.
As for the State of Mexico, Profepa temporarily closed partially eight companies for breach of environmental legislation and regulations ordered by both the Act and the LGPGIR LGEEPA and discharge wastewater into the Rio Lerma.
Among the irregularities found major companies are: Lack of registration as a generator of hazardous waste to the Semarnat; lack of temporary storage of hazardous waste; and no separate hazardous waste.
In addition to lack of analysis of PCB transformers; not properly label hazardous waste; collecting hazardous waste outside the warehouse; and perform improper disposal of hazardous waste (discharges into water bodies).
According to the register of companies with concession title for discharges issued by the National Water Commission (Conagua), it has approximately 116 industries with concession title for wastewater discharges to national water bodies located in corresponding municipalities the Lerma River.
Therefore, Profepa carries out the corresponding inspection visits with a degree of progress so far 30 per cent, are gradually taking new visits scheduled to companies under federal jurisdiction.