As part of the actions of inspection and surveillance carried permanently PROFEPA inspectors, it was found that the properties lacked a permit for hazardous waste management in the form of Final Rule, issued by the SEMARNAT.

This document is a mandatory requirement for individuals or corporations, or generators of hazardous waste they undertake the construction and operation of a disposal facility thereof.

For this reason, determined PROFEPA Total Temporary Closure impose the two properties, because the bad confinement or disposal of slag from aluminum scrap could involve contamination with dangerous implications for ecosystems and damage to public health.

It should be noted that such dumps are primarily used for depositing debris and waste requiring special handling, such as plastic, wood, packaging, and cardboard from businesses, that activity is under state jurisdiction.

In this situation, PROFEPA join forces and determined in a joint operation with the Office of Environmental Protection of the State of Coahuila made ​​the above closures, each in its area of ​​competence.

It is noteworthy that the slag from the smelter scrap aluminum production are listed in the Official Mexican NOM-052-SEMARNAT-2005, which establishes the characteristics, the process of identification, classification and waste listings dangerous.

PROFEPA continue the inspection and supervision of industrial and service establishments of federal jurisdiction through the implementation of the Annual Inspection Visits Program, through its offices in the 31 states and the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Valley of Mexico.