According to chief Javier González, the closures were the result of the 77 visits that were made on verification of waste.

He reported that during 2014 in implementing the Annual Inspection and Monitoring Program, 55 administrative proceedings were instituted six closures irregularities were conducted on hazardous waste.

He said the closures were due to irregularities presented by different companies for mishandling hazardous waste and breach the conditions of environmental protection.

"The prosecutor made 55 visits and 77 checks on hazardous waste during the last year, resulting in a total of 81 visits in which irregularities were detected," he said.

He reported that most of the irregularities was mishandling of hazardous waste and compliance with the terms and conditions established in the authorizations issued by the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT).

He explained that the objective of the program is to verify the waste management for the purpose of compliance under the constraints of the law, it is from this that the penalties for those who violate the rules and regulations are imposed.