He announced that tests on wells will be intensified in order to establish whether there effects on health of the inhabitants of Mexquitic because of toxic waste.

He explained that although the confinement is closed, pollution of aquifers would cause a risk to public health in the municipality.

In this regard, the agency explained that heavy metals and toxic wastes tend to accumulate in tissues such as the liver, brain and skin, causing the immune system diseases, infertility and even cancer.

He said physicochemical studies for the detection of arsenic, cadmium and lead in water are performed; epidemiological well to confirm the existence of substance-related diseases and determine whether it has increased in recent years evidence.

He reported that toxic waste dumps often contain transformers, capacitors, electric motors, fluorescent lamp ballasts.
"The Health Ministry will conduct studies both formal sources of water supply, and population, same will be performed by trained personnel," said the agency in a press release.

Previously Mexquitic Mayor Ramon Ramirez Reyna revealed that dump toxic waste generated in recent years diseases in children.

Also, the study coordinator and the Centre for Applied Research in Environment and Health Science Center and Technology UASLP, Fernando Diaz Barriga warned of the presence of mercury and other hazardous substances, added that children's corner community of San Joseph Mexquitic toxic particles present in your body.