The concern of the Selectmen for the environment also resulted in a request for information on the handling and disposal of hazardous waste to the municipality and the Secretariat of Environment and Sustainable Development in the province.

The council recommended the municipality to implement a moving point of Ushuaia Recycle program for exploring neighborhoods that do not have bells differentiated recoverable waste disposal, with at least one vehicle adapted to transport material PET containers, glass and paper.

The proposal aims to facilitate the active participation of residents in the separation of waste at source and raise community awareness about the importance of caring for the environment, contributing to the increase in the lifetime of the landfill.

The mayors urged the municipality to create a partnership between the moving point and civilian organizations in the city to work for example, the collection of plastic caps which carries out the Garrahan Foundation.

The proposal includes conducting awareness campaigns to the community on various issues related to the care of the environment, the need to reduce waste production, maximize the bagged trash at designated times and maintain the cleanliness of private land, etc. .

Councilman Walter Gambadoro (UCR) praised the new measure promoted by the Council for the protection of the environment and said that "the program recycles Ushuaia and the municipality are who will analyze the feasibility of the proposal and how it might be implemented to it is really useful. "

The mayor said that "it is essential awareness of neighbors and the separation of waste in every home, so they can then be deposited in the appropriate bell," adding that "people are the first link in the chain, so all measures that can be adopted depends on the commitment and contribution of the community. "

Gambadoro stressed "the need for people to continue to incorporate the habits that will extend the life of the landfill and improve the quality of life" and said that since the council "will continue to support all the tools that benefit our city and generations future ".


The interest of the council for the environment also led to the initiative of asking the municipality and the Secretariat of Environment and Sustainable Development of the province on the handling and disposal of hazardous waste.

The Secretary shall detail the annual amount of waste batteries that accumulate in garages, which companies involved in recycling, what is the fate of the material that is not recovered in the process and if firms are engaged in the reuse of waste e.

The deputies are seeking if there is a management plan for hazardous waste developed jointly between the secretariat and the municipality, and if this type of waste has specific cells for disposal in the landfill in the city.

In regular meeting, council members asked the municipality to indicate whether hazardous waste received at the landfill, which is the treatment that is implemented in this case and the lifetime of the estimated space according to current conditions.

Councillors considered that it is "fundamental" to know the measures taken to increase both the utility executives landfill of the city and its ability to meet the increased production of hazardous waste in the future.