The proposition, the statement that was read at the protest, not only lacks and still lacks proposing job creation, but also goes against all logic of activities "in our industrial, environmental and human environment."

Final approval of this authorization "would involve the installation of industrial activities to be conducted in the vicinity of our local processes such as processing and storage of thousands of tons of plant protection, with infectious, toxic waste, and any waste dangerous nonradioactive . rafts caustic washing with water and washing procedures other contaminated materials. inerting processes. processes to be carried out outdoors, such as areas of recovering waste open to the atmosphere, mixtures and mass movements of contaminated materials, etc. etc.

These decontamination procedures, including major and minor impact could be installed, a risk and threat to the integrity and the general socio-economic interests of the town and its citizens, to human health and the environment, and an inconsistent impact on an area distinguished by its protected areas and that our municipality and locality are important part. "

That statement read the Malpartida Clean platform included a call to the members of the municipal government of the Popular Party to adopt and resolve measures "sense, which no doubt, so that our people do not see dragged into aberrant consequences for the welfare integral of the town. to really be a coherent people with what is preached and what is practiced. "

Malpartida is a sensitive point for its proximity to the national park Monfragüe.