The SIGREP is an online tool, available 24 hours 7 days a week, where both public and private actors involved, generating relevant information at the country level. One of its main objectives is the control and integration of existing regulations regarding hazardous waste and the Registry of Hazardous Waste Managers. In addition, this system implemented by the Comptroller of the Environment, has private communication channels between government agencies and businesses.

"With this system the government is taking a technological leap in environmental monitoring, integrating areas such as health, environmental and productive," said Minister of Environment and Energy, Edgar Gutierrez.

Entering SIGREP notification may be made of waste movement, incorporating online transport companies and managers that will target the waste treatment or disposal. Besides the new managers can also perform their incorporation and management procedures online, saving time and paper. The idea is that by making use of information technology to simplify the process to the full, because this information system will be used for all hazardous waste generating company, from anywhere in the country without having to go to the premises of the Ministry of health or the Comptroller of the Environment.

A residue or waste is considered dangerous when it presents one or more of these characteristics: corrosive, reactive, explosive, toxic, flammable or bioinfeccioso. If ordinary waste management is needed to reduce, more complex and risky it is the environmental pollution hazards waste management.

The management of hazardous waste in Costa Rica gave rise to the April 29, 1998, with the enactment of Decree 27001-MINAE. Since then it has fallen to the Comptroller of the Environment, the coordination with the productive sector and receiving manifests transport of hazardous waste.

With the enactment of the Law on Waste Management, it proceeded to integrate existing regulations governing the management of hazardous waste; specifically Decree 27000-MINAE, 27001-MINAE and 27002-MINAE. Thus, the Decree 37788-S-MINAE made official.

This new decree also integrate and update the existing regulation, articulates the participation of relevant units in such management: the Comptroller of the Environment, Department of Protection of the Human Environment and the Governing Bodies of Health Areas. With System SIGREP Hazardous Waste Management, it runs contemplated in Article 12.13, which is put at the service of citizens, but mainly the national productive sector, linked to the management of hazardous waste, an information system available in

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