As part of the opening ceremony, Armando Quintero Mateos, General Coordinator of Social Communication of the agency, introduced the video, in which reference is made at the end of garbage and waste.

The intervention of the officer was interrupted by Cristina Cortinas, president of the Queretana Red Waste Management and former head of the Directorate General of Hazardous Materials, Hazardous Wastes and high-risk activities of the Secretariat of Environment, Natural Resources and Fisheries (Semarnap) , who noted that she considered improper use of the term waste.

"We have 11 years of being legislated on prevention of waste generation and integrated management based on reduction, reuse and recycling of waste and trash the word does not exist in the Constitution of the United Mexican States or any policy instrument derived from this General Law, "he said.

"It seems to me that this campaign is totally contradictory to the law and all state efforts we have been making."

Sofia Chavez, a member of Greenways B.C. He stated that environmental education is a very complex process that is far from being met through a campaign like the Semarnat.

"Speaking of environmental education through a campaign like this is not viable. The environmental education requires a very concise work with the population and this campaign, to me sincerely, I think like throwing money" he said.

Meanwhile, Quintero justified that the term was used in garbage campaign because most people do not know what is waste.

"Thank you for your contribution. Of course we knew, but this is a primary environmental education campaign that is targeted to another audience," he argued.

"Most people do not know what a waste lady, we knew, but we had to go under, raise awareness that leaves you 10 cans of beer cans or pulling on the rivers."

Miguel Araujo, director of the Basel Convention Regional Centre for Central America and Mexico, congratulated Semarnat for the campaign and expressed interest to use it in the official Web site of the organism to which it belongs.