This training, provided in the exercise program Maritime Safety Marsec-15, has been coordinated and led by the Balearic Islands Port Authority and the Naval Command of Palma.

As reported in a statement, the scenario developed in the port of Palma used a ferry that docked to perform the unloading of vehicles discovered a truck carrying dangerous goods with a pump attached. Thus, the procedure referred to in response the port security plan begins.

This activity is part of the third of the scenarios set out in the joint maritime exercise Marsec-15, which the Navy developed with 50 other government agencies to address and improve coordination among agencies in maritime security operations.

The aim of the exercise is to test the capacity for coordination and collaboration of the Maritime Action Force Navy with other agencies to address maritime security operations and improve coordination at sea between Navy units and governmental and non- government either responsible or related to state action at sea.

These range from related to narcotics trafficking and illegal immigration, to the health control of immigrants, diving, orientation and guidance of shipping, relief and rescue at sea activities.