Alejandro Espinosa Leal said that there is no risk to either scavengers or workers "because they have fully followed the rules, while maintaining a strict monitoring of waste entered Penasco".
About the alleged suspect material introduced into said dump, the city official added that there is no irregularity, because the company and the concessionaire collection service "had the manifest and the corresponding authorizations for which they were deposited in this space, plus it comes inert non-biological-infectious, reactive or explosive. "
In fact, he explained that this material has been used as a coating of garbage on Cliff as a measure of environmental control.
"Since August, one of our inspectors notified us of this situation and immediately to the companies involved permits were requested and the CRETIB tests to ensure that untreated waste, hazardous, corrosive, reactive, explosive, toxic, flammable and biological-infectious. Despite that met at the Ministry of Ecology and Environmental Management inspection at our request "it was requested.
Espinosa Leal added that the review by the SEGAM took place without incident and determined that there are no faults and reaffirmed that the material used as a coating can be used for this purpose in accordance with rule 083.