LCV. Alicante / September 11, 2014
"The Department has made public today, through the Official Gazette of the Region of Valencia, both the response to the allegations and the AAI itself. The City of Alicante, already in October 2011 issued a report favorable urban compatibility, the Port Authority, which granted concession to the plant in February 2012, and now the Department of Infrastructure with AAI 16 July this year, has ignored the neighborhood opposition to the location in the Port of plant as hazardous, noxious, toxic and carcinogenic residues "denounced the mayor.

"The plant is situated just 500 meters from homes and neighborhoods as Gran Vía Sur, Benalúa public school, several hotels or former railway Benalúa, Mediterranean House headquarters, despite the risk of explosion associated with the concentration process hydrocarbons that are intended to carry out on the ground heating to 65 ° the crude residue. The AAI itself recognizes this danger when the environmental impact statement establishes as a condition the fulfillment of a technical instruction on storage of flammable and combustible liquids, requiring a double security wall for two deposits: the reception and storage of waste ships move, and the storage and shipment of recovered waste. Marpol Alicante SL - - In addition, the company requires a deposit of 70,000 euros and insurance worth 1 million, and limits on the emission of odors and noise are set, you can create other nuisances to neighboring plant environment "said the alderman.

"In our arguments we proposed that the Port is only one installation for the reception and temporary storage of waste is authorized and that the facilities for treatment they will reside, to be dangerous in industrial land outside the Port and far enough from residential areas . Specifically we propose that the APD sector 21, next to the highway and surrounded by Puerto industrial estates, should welcome these facilities for treatment or recovery. From our local group announced that Ministry to present an appeal against AAI and be vigilant about the municipal license that may be payable, "concluded Pavón.