According to Waste Inventory SEMARNAT registered by category, and region in Guanajuato in the past 10 years have generated Hazardous 909 66 000 tonnes.

In the register of hazardous waste generators are registered guanajuatenses 2000 912 89 000 companies from 231 companies out there throughout the country recognized by the Directorate General of Integrated Materials Management and Activities of SEMARNAT.

"The generating companies are registered with the federal agency only once and updated only on the generation of waste," says the inventory of SEMARNAT.

According to this inventory, Guanajuato generating 2 000 912 companies registered hazardous waste, 590 thousand are micro power they have generated in the past 10 years, 204 tons; 114 thousand companies are classified as small generators and 215 producing 3000 tons; and 208 recognized companies as large generators, producing 63 000 489 tons of waste, 2004-2014.

The sectors that generate hazardous waste in Guanajuato are automotive, garments and articles of clothing, food, plus articles and metal products.

The states which generate hazardous waste, according to SEMARNAT are Chihuahua with 548 tonnes and 346 000 Campeche, where 212 000 792.40 tonnes were generated.

Across the country, there are 89 000 231 registered companies that generated SEMARNAT 2004 to June 2014, 2 million 156 thousand 736 tons of hazardous waste.

In this report SEMARNAT not specify what treatment has been given in recent years to all the tons of waste.

However, on the official website of the federal agency, states that the General Law for the Prevention and Management of Waste instrument has been introduced as the Waste Management Plan, through which forces companies to take measures to prevent waste generation, "should take advantage of those suitable for reuse, recycling or conversion into energy and to try to confine those who can not be emphasized."

Hazardous wastes are materials that threaten the health and welfare of the environment and its poor treatment can also affect the health of people.


In the last 10 years in Guanajuato have generated 66 000 909 tonnes of hazardous waste, but only 912 registered in 2000 in the Ministry of Environment and Material Resources (SEMARNAT) companies.

However, only in the municipality of León, children have started to get sick of asthma in the community of San Judas Tadeo by the operation of an underground storage of hazardous waste, from a year ago.

The people have commented that at night it seems that in that place covered with tarps over a mesh "burn" cables are typically to produce copper.

The stash, as he is known neighboring because they have never seen authorities supervising the place, is located on a farm located behind a cross of about four feet high.

According to Mrs. Lucia, who declined to give his full name for fear of reprisals, said that the place in the morning arriving trucks with waste seeping into the basement, which has caused bad smells and asthma in some children that live there.

"We do not know where they have to report this, they are very unpleasant odors, plus a black cloud forms in the sky," said Lourdes added, inhabitant Street Journal.

The delegate of the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa), José Isaac González Calderón reported that a year and a half of his term has not been closed in the state as no chatarrera identifying neighboring community of St. Jude .

However, the federal official called upon to report on the Guanajuato Profepa locate a clandestine center when handling hazardous waste.