After its closure on 4 June last, by federal authorities, the inhabitants of the neighboring colonies require the company to repair the damage.

Juan Manuel, a resident of the community of Buenavista, ensures that hexavalent chromium contamination of this company, for years, has killed several of the inhabitants of that community.

Industrial wastes have for years exposed to the elements and sometimes give off a bad odor.

"Its particles have not only burned trees, but also the metal structures, I asked, why not make to the health of people," said Juan Manuel.

Ensures that just last year, a 7 year old community, died of brain cancer. His name was Joseph.

Another minor community, 14 years old, suffering from stomach cancer.

"There are several families who have their loved ones sick, especially cancer and respiratory diseases," he added.

It was on June 4 when the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) closed this company located in San Francisco del Rincón, because stored hazardous waste without the security established by the General Law for the Prevention and Management of Waste .

According to neighbors the industry has also caused them kidney problems.

Another case is that of Rosas Juan Balderas who lost his wife Maria Guadalupe Valadez in 2002 from cancer that he attributed to chromium levels of the Central Chemistry.

The company has already closed its doors and began with the settlement of 130 workers at the plant.

Profepa reported that proceeded to the closure, because inside and outside the company stores its facilities over 300 thousand tons of hazardous waste chromium.

The day of the closing, Profepa called on the company to withdraw 45 days accumulated debris outdoors.

On August 8, the deadline and the company failed to remove all debris, so began liquidation of workers.

Workers were left without jobs

Luis, who was employed by Chemistry Central for five years, said he felt bad for the closure of the company, generating many jobs for families and the towns of Rincón de León.

He said that if it liquidated under the Act and that it has not yet found another job, and to emphasize that during the time it worked, never got sick from something and not know any employee who becomes ill.

In an interview, he said that three years ago, and the rumor was they were going to close the company for polluting, until it finally happened.

"I have it understood that one of the owners is a friend of Vicente Fox, and when Fox was president, there was never any action against the company over time came the problems until the closed now, yes, there were more than 100 people lost work, "said Luis.

The former employee of Central Chemistry, noted that many of the former employees of the company gave their best, they were committed to their work, and it is unfair that is closed.

"We were the less culpable the truth," he said.