La Paz, Baja California Sur. - There was never watered hazardous waste at the side of the ISSSTE Hospital assured the delegate of the institute, Oscar Francisco Martínez Mora, after frustrate the bags with allegedly toxic waste and medical waste. 
"Unfortunately with the suspension of public services a few days ago, people did not want to leave trash outside your home, obviously sought a more suitable area for them, which is the area that has the ISSSTE intended for household waste, and began deposited, this caught the attention of some people, they began to break the bags, to search for something and obviously left all the debris washed down "the delegate said. 
It has nothing to do with hazardous waste, he said. "We have a strong regulatory program that takes place every day and never has been combined with the municipal waste hazardous waste, it is regulated, is punishable." 
Similarly, he noted that no garbage bloody gauze, needles or the like. "I checked and there was nothing," he said. 
Fortunately this is already solved, we are taking more stringent measures, trying to be a time for people to utility deposit trash in the proper place, put a vigilante. "It is a contracted company, especially to handle such waste," he said.