Ciudad Juarez is the second town of the northern border most important export volumes of hazardous waste resulting from the processes of the maquiladora industry. 
"Residues maquiladora exports to the United States are varied. They range from welding waste, waste oils contaminated with chemicals and waste liquids and more "containers. 
However, Tarin Gerardo Torres, head of the Department of Integrated Management of Contaminants SEMARNAT that unlike other industries, said that the risk is minimal in this move because this industry even has very stringent internal audits caring this transport. 
The maquiladora temporarily biologist explained the matter to its processes using these materials, but should return them to the United States within a period not exceeding six months. 
"If you are presented with a mishap, or a situation that prevents them mobilize waste, requesting an extension of time." 
The biologist Tarin said that this is the main movement of chemicals that comprise the city, because here are minimal companies engaged in the distribution or storage of chemicals. 
"When a company sells or manufactures chemicals, one of the regulations is to determine if their products are found in a number of substances established two lists of hazardous, toxic and flammable substances," he said. 
He explained that if the products are within any of these listings, you must submit a risk assessment and accident prevention program, however, noted that the number of companies in this sector are minimal in the city.