Guests Juan Salas, head of the Control Unit and Animal Welfare Saltillo, Jose Villarreal, a resident of General Cepeda, Carlos Aguirre Pepi, PAN exprecandidato to local MP, Juanita Gomez, Lupita López and Jesús González Schmall, all opponents project industrial waste dump in that town, got stood Alvarez Flores.

The president of the environmental organization said that there is widespread misinformation about the issue, which has caused such opposing views, stressing the benefits of this type of facilities that seek to avoid the existence of illegal toxic dumps.

He said his interest in clarifying this information to their participation should be as SEMARNAT advisor and member of the National Advisory Committee for Comprehensive Management of Chemicals, Persistent Organic Pollutants and Wastes Subject to international agreements.

"We need more entrepreneurs confinement because unfortunately still do not give a proper disposition to its hazardous waste landfills and it is these that we must use to prevent and avoid damage to land, water and air through the bad disposition," said .

Álvarez González Schmal former deputy accused of opposing the industrial wasteland for alleged interests that have to do with the family estate located in General Cepeda.