The teams of the Ministry of Production, the Department of Environment and Councillors of laMunicipalidad of Malabrigo are working on different tasks that have to do with the future installation of the Classification of Solid Waste (MSW) Ground.

In parallel with the work being carried forward in the construction of the mega work of Municipal Refrigerator, taking into account the location of the current landfill, the town from their different work areas is pursuing the development of plans of work will link with the installation of the Classification of Solid Waste Plant which allow an industrial, sustainable and orderly classification, caring and benefiting the environment and the entire community.

The project involves a greater than 1 million pesos investment. The Mayor Amado Prof. Zorzónlleva very advanced negotiations with the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development Office and the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers, where he negotiated and obtained also equipped modern waste compactor truck through the streets today city, and provides improved weather, security and harvesting.

From the year 2012 on the initiative of the current municipal administration, in the city of Malabrigo the separate collection at source, dry and wet waste is performed. In the beginning, the collection began with 800 grams today due to increased consumption, it is close to reaching the kilo of waste per capita per day, with a daily collection of around 10 tonnes. Of this total, 40% is recoverable and non-recoverable remainder.

With this comprehensive project management will contribute to reducing environmental pollution and over 15 posts new jobs will be generated.

The Classification of Solid Waste Plant will be installed in an area of ​​3 acres, landscaped with sanitary perimeter fence, a shed of 250 square meters where equipment and basic infrastructure for classification and separation will be installed, including a hopper for download, conveyor, baling press, balance, landfill, chipper for shredding branches of pruning, composting, health, biocides cage containers, hazardous waste, water source, tool shed area of ​​debris, individual downloads area, etc.