A witness says that the smell of chemicals was "strong, irritating and unpleasant." According to the local municipality, the fire was quenched without my having to intervene the fire service.
"He was a strong smell of chemicals: strong, irritating and unpleasant." Juan Romero describes the stench he was at the gates of the toxic waste dump of Nerva (Huelva). Romero, head of Ecologists in Action in Doñana stood Monday at the premises to eight o'clock after receiving a call from a neighbor who watched in alarm, a huge column of smoke coming from the landfill of chemical and hazardous products.
"It was awesome. I made the first shot at 20 kilometers and the next on a hill, which was visible column of smoke. When I approached the facilities, the cloud had dissipated like mist on the banks of Jarrama, but was a pungent smell of chemicals, "he describes the ecology.
The municipality of Huelva has confirmed eldiario.es/Andalucía town that has been a fire. According to Jose Antonio Ayala, acting councilor environment Nerva, the fire originated in the slab sampling, where "a drum came out blazing in the time of inspection." The police approached the facilities, but the Befesa itself responsible for landfill had already suffocated and no firefighters had to intervene.
"We will ask the Andalusian you to clarify what happened and that the waste acceptance protocols are reviewed. We understand that such situations should not occur," added the spokesman of the consistory of Nerva. The source of the fire remains covered with soil to carry out its cooling and subsequent identification.
A recognized fire
Unlike the last time, this time it has been recognized that it was a fire. According to officials of the dump, the smoke last May 12 was a vapor cloud generated by a waste "coming at a temperature of proper and had to put in water to cool it." Since then, the council warned to be avoided "alarms, trouble and problems for the population" but the smoke could be "safe".
Environmentalists claim that is being given the wrong treatment of hazardous waste and that is endangering the surrounding villages with "odors, gases and products leaving the landfill. These fires can be a serious problem for the health and the environment, "criticizes Romero.
The plant, which opened in 1998, not only raised much controversy in Nerva, which is less than a kilometer, but has suffered numerous accidents in its 17 years of life. During this time, fires, littering, penalties, closures and even the illegal traffic of toxic waste from Italy were common.
The neighbors, who have organized their Facebook page against the landfill, they feel helpless. Befesa not see or take measures to prevent fires or the administration intervene. They claim that they have not installed booths control air quality and odors they were promised and that two years ago, sent a letter to the president, Susana Diaz, and then Vice President of Andalusia, Diego Valderas, of which they have not yet received a response.