During an inspection visit to the said company to verify environmental compliance emission, administrative irregularities that led to the penalty were detected; the main one was that the inspected did not submit its Annual Operating (COA) for the past 10 years.

Added to this, the establishment did not have the respective perimeter monitoring of their pollutant emissions to the atmosphere; lacked platforms and sampling ports; as well as operation and maintenance logs, so that inspectors of this dependence, as a security measure, closure seals placed on each of the four furnaces that owns the property.

Therefore, the PROFEPA initiated an administrative proceeding against the company, which is ordered as a security measure the closure of the smelter, since by not having your COA, there is no certainty of movements and contaminants that there is occur, which may represent an imminent risk of ecological imbalance.

The Annual Operating Certificate (AOC) is the instrument of reporting and data collection release and transfer of pollutants to air, water, soil and subsoil, materials and waste.

The COA contains general technical information on the establishment and includes the operation and functioning diagram describing the production process, from the entry of the input and processing, to production of emission, discharge, and generation of hazardous waste or full transfer or part of contaminants.

It also contains data input, output, energy products and employees.

In terms of emissions includes the features of the machinery, equipment or activity that generates, describing the point of generation and emission type and characteristics of the chimneys and discharge ducts.

According to the General Law of Ecological Equilibrium and Environmental Protection and the Regulations on Civil Registry of Emissions and Pollutant Transfer, stationary sources under federal jurisdiction that emits or may emit odors, gas or solid or liquid particles into the atmosphere, are required, in addition to the respective Single Environmental License, and not emit pollutants into the atmosphere that cause or may cause ecological imbalance or environmental damage.

In addition to compliance with the conditions of the Operating License and / or Single Environmental, License industries must submit to the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) its Annual Operation Card; install platforms and sampling ports; and integrate an inventory of emissions.

Also use equipment and systems to control emissions to the atmosphere; channel their emissions through ducts or stacks of discharge; measure their emissions to the atmosphere and record the results in the format specified by SEMARNAT; and conduct perimeter monitoring of their pollutant emissions to the atmosphere.

According to the General Law of Ecological Equilibrium and Environmental Protection, violations of this Act and the regulations and provisions deriving from it will be fined the equivalent of twenty to fifty days of current prevailing wage in the Federal District and the permanent closure of the establishment.