They derived from a report that warned about the presence of (RPBI) in the landfill that municipality PROFEPA inspectors conducted an inspection visit to that place, where they found no such residues but were informed that some hospitals disposed of in place your regular trash or municipal solid waste.

Therefore, this Office inspectors make visits to hospitals Fresnillo ISSSTE; General Hospital No. 2 IMSS; the Family Medicine Unit No. 55 IMSS General Hospital and the Fresnillo, in order to verify that hazardous waste be disposed Biological Infectious correctly. The Health Services and the Fresnillo General Hospital was visited.

Note that the proper management includes sorting, classification, packaging, identified, labeled, stored, treatment and disposal through a company authorized by the Ministry of the amiente and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT).

Also, the Federal Delegation in Zacatecas PROFEPA made ​​attentive called city officials to ban the entry and transport of hazardous waste by unauthorized companies.

In 2005, the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection received a complaint about the presence of the landfill RPBI in the municipality of Fresnillo. At that time, the Order and Inspection Act corresponding rose. In addition to the Mayor's Office of Fresnillo and urgent corrective measures ordered consistent application at: Join ban and transport of such hazardous waste.