The grounds, Legislator remembers working with the previous project and its legislative veto road map to total decreed the Executive and mentions that remedy has worked in broadcast remarks; but argues that "misses the Executive" in that the provision regulations redundancies are detected. He explains step by step the decree 2167/14 and amended, which is the legislative apparently regard.

From the bench PJ, show that Tierra del Fuego must have this legislation, of vital environmental importance, which regulates oil and gas ranges, which also legislates according to the regulations in force.

The articulated, fixed -the authority will apply secretariats of Sustainable Development and Environment and Energy and hydrocarbons who determine the characteristics and technical conditions for the incineration furnaces according to current authorized to operate waste. It also states that restrict who may be her for "reasons of health, safety and environmental risks the transportation of hazardous waste within the Province".