Saltillo, Coahuila Saltillo The Municipality does not contaminate the colony Brisas West, as it is not the owner of the land where there are mountains of waste assumptions as Carlos Alvarez, damage the environment and citizens.

This was declared by Jorge Candelas, director of Ecology Hall, who said he has not received any report or complaint from neighbors of Brisas colony, let alone who holds as President of Mexico Civil Association Communication and Environment.

"That land is not the municipality, we only have what is in possession Biblioparque North and those mountains are not within this area," said the official, so there comes a claim against the City.

He said he does not understand why this person involving the municipality, without even asking about acerarse first humps or were within municipal land, for they realized the situation through the media.

"In case they are toxic or hazardous waste, which will Profepa should intervene to investigate that. If checked, the City will work with them, but we is not for us to handle and hazardous waste landfill, "said Candelas.