In reporting this, the state office of Profepa said that is modular electronic circuits on electronic tablet or insulating printed circuit cards, visible tin-lead solder, which had as its final destination Hong Kong.
Such merchandise was immobilized because the company Franmich, responsible for it, did not have the official authorization issued by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) for the export of electronic waste.
"The inspection also showed record check, return receipt of the goods, payment of duties, clear delivery, transportation and receiving hazardous waste and deposit mobilization and transportation of these the place of origin to the port of Manzanillo" Profepa said.
He also explained that during the inspection, electronic waste were observed dry, without liquid runoff or vapors or gases, and were transported by 35 percent in plastic bags and other loose or bulk.
Profepa said that can not be made that international movements of goods, while not complying with the export permit and the documents specified in the Manual of Procedures for Import and Export of Wildlife, forest products and byproducts and Hazardous Materials and Waste .
"The company should it prove Franmich environmental management that seeks to hazardous waste within the country, and provide technical information on the constituents of e-waste," he said.
Profepa reported that total suspended so temporary works and activities on the campus of El Palmar Higueral in Caleras-Madrid, Tecoman, road for not having official permission for change in forestry land use.
He said there affected 1.5 hectares of forest species in the region known as fig Huizcolote, guásima, guamúchil, timúchil, paper, among others. A volume of 47,250 cubic meters of wood, and the modification of the natural vocation of the site.
The work of land use change were made with heavy banana cultivation to establish machinery, which damages the forest ecosystem caused by excavations, movements of materials and removal of vegetation and soil, he said.