Carmen Romo Diego explained that he has been in communication with Councilman Felipe Ledezma Gil and the Director of Environment Tijuana, Tirso Liévano to cooperate and collaborate in four projects.

He explained that already presented in the Sectoral Environmental Subcommittee, and are the "Conservation Glen channels Playas", "Program of prevention and integrated waste management", "Operation Center Composting" and "Strengthening actions of the Committee Clean Beaches ".

The first issue explained that it is related to the program of prevention and management regulation and generation of hazardous waste, which by law must be in the five municipalities of Baja California, and Tijuana could be the first to consolidate.

The second issue is to preserve the Glen Willows, adjacent to the border area and rescue the last area of natural ecosystem within the urban area of Playas de Tijuana, Serious for controlled and research visits, he said

The tenacious and enthusiastic environmentalist Tijuana architect, passionate about these issues, said he has already taken steps to preserve the Cañada de los Sauces, north and south and is asking the Sectoral Environmental Subcommittee reinforce actions.

He said requesting formal representation of the municipality to carry out and complete the project and pass by the Municipal System Theme Parks, it would be ideal to have a management plan for the park.

Another issue presented to the City Council, was the Urban Composting Center (CCU) of Tijuana, and continue the collaboration that since he was born in 2012 and to continue the management of resources to grow and equip the capillary seed project Binational Border Program 20 20.

The idea is that the Center for Composting Urban as we work together, and ended the support managed in April 2012, but it is possible to achieve more funding and sponsorships for this place that the delegation is located La Mesa, at the height of World Funny on municipal property.

Finally, he also projected strengthen the Clean Beaches Committee work plan management through planning based on a diagnosis, and in coordination with the three levels of government, continue the actions of sanitation and reduce pollution in coastal Tijuana.