Inhabitants of municipalities in the southern part of Tlaxcala by crossing the Rio Atoyac fear for their health due to pollution and odor that is increasingly unbearable.
The pollution not only affects people, also to producers who irrigate their crops and vegetables with water from the river.
"Water that the need for many farmers is Contaminated water use that much. The primary industries would each industry to try their water thrown into the river discharge" producer in the region.
In this situation, 11 companies of Tlaxcala and Puebla were closed for throwing hazardous waste Atoyac River.
"There are 7 tlaxcaltecas companies where they were daily given a contamination of 68.8 tons of solid waste 14.7 nutrients and 0.14 of what is already chemicals are: cadmium, lead and all those chemicals that make us much harm," said Albino Mendieta Lira, local deputy of Ecology Commission of the Congress of Tlaxcala.
The Ecology Commission Tlaxcala Congress released the names of the companies that were closed for polluting the Atoyac River:
Zaldos finishes Tecno SA de CV, Plami SA de CV, seams and Articles of Tlaxcala, Mexican Cellulose Fibers, Textile Industrial Puebla, fabrics Continent and Organic Synthesis.
During a tour companies closed down, alone in a seals were observed; the others are out of operation.
The State Commission for Protection against Health Risks of Tlaxcala, COEPRIST reported that there are still companies out monitoring in both states.
"This year will verify about 300 companies mostly textiles with which most are polluting," said Ignacio Ramirez, commissioner Coeprist.
The Atoyac River crosses at least 8 municipalities and more than 15 communities in the southern part of the state of Tlaxcala.