This, after the federal agency inspectors undertake a visit to the landfill "to verify the alleged irregular Hazardous Waste collection Bilógicos (sic) Infectious (RPBI) from health facilities in the locality."

However, throughout the text there is a list of the hazardous waste found only mentions that located "púnicamente presence needleless syringe plungers."

In contrast, NTR Media found and documented that the place had hospital waste like blood swabs, syringe plungers with liquid inside, bloody bandages, among other things.

In addition, the press release states that at the dump "separate the RPBI of general waste, so that the former are covered with soil to prevent any contact with the public."

Mexican Official Standard 087, as Article 6 regarding the management of biological-infectious waste, section 6.2.1, states that RPBI "should not be mixed with any type of municipal or hazardous waste."

In addition, section 6.3.2 says RPBI "packaged should be stored in metal or plastic containers with lids and be labeled with the universal biohazard symbol with the legend BIOLOGICAL WASTES - INFECTIOUS".

This situation, according to the newsletter and as noted NTR Media, does not occur in Fresnillo.

Profepa inspectors, the statement, "They interviewed the manager of the place and explained that RPBI are deposited on the left side of the landfill; pass above them heavy machinery; and covered with soil to prevent human in that personal space is made (sic) or selection pepena waste dumped there. "

So that there is no management RPBI this landfill.

The document sent by Profepa added that he spoke with hospital staff IMSS and the Fresnillo Regional to see what they did with their RPBI, and in both cases it was found that the hospitals deliver this waste to a company for Aguascalientes incineration.

However, in the newsletter is not disclosed if this same information to private hospitals were asked to, according to the manager of Clean Town Hall, José Luis Gracia Ramirez, "they saw the face" for throwing waste into the dumpster Municipal.

Despite this, the only measure that took Profepa, "investigating the case," said the statement, is to encourage these health agencies, IMSS and Health Services Zacatecas (SSZ), "to avoid placing such wastes hazardous Municipal Landfill Fresnillo ".