The degree in Environmental Sciences, said, "We have been very attentive to the entry of waste coming to this place and have not received today a warning by the scavengers."

He clarified that there are other residues can enter the dumpster but come from a hospital, because they fall within the classification of municipal solid waste.

Llamas Gonzalez said in Jioresa are "prepared and ready" to act in the presence of a biological-infectious waste, as they have a protocol internal alert, including the procedure, which includes the pickers.

The instructions are cordoning off the area to leave free space and call the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa), so that this dependency is handle the situation.

Regarding the residues from some garages, like burned oil, landfill manager said that this kind of waste is not received at the site.

However, he said that "there are some individuals who do not want to do the right procedure with the oil, then receive Jioresa chooses to give the correct treatment."

He also mentioned that due to the heavy machinery used for daily work at the dump has a warehouse where burned in drums of diesel oil is stored, when these containers are full you call a company responsible for treating the residue to dismissed.

Eduardo Llamas said aceiten give away, not sold, to which have an official document that shows how to proceed with this type of waste.

Other liquids must also have special handling are called leachate, which come from the same litter decomposition and rain.

These wastes "have two options or are captured and taken to a treatment plant or be deposited in the same landfill where garbage is still exposed, not covered, so this is again infiltrate and accelerate the degradation of waste ".