Guitrans reported that the renewal of these permits will still be required every five years and has also clarified that the dates of validity of licenses resulting from the courses and examinations will not have a homogeneous character . In this sense , if a driver performs the renovation in the 12 months preceding the expiry date of the permit, the new expiration date will have five years from the previous expiration date .
However, if the tests are performed before the last 12 months of the expiry of the permit , the new renewal date will have five years from the date of the examination and not from the old expiration date.
other modifications
The decree announcing the change in renewals , also happens to modify other aspects of this permit. On the one hand , the current model in cardboard permission, definitely renewed for a plastic card ADR (a model that has been issued since the beginning of 2013 ) release.
Furthermore, legislatively the denomination is of course to make for obtaining , extension or renewal of ADR license, which now will be known during initial basic training and initial training course of specialization for obtaining modified , and course recycling and recycling specialization course for the extension or renewal .