"Both plants were medical waste, ie medical office, they have characteristics that make them really dangerous, such as syringes or blood. This should not be disposed of with household waste but should receive special treatment and are listed in a different and specific legislation. These 'oversights' pose a serious risk to all those who make up the chain of collection and separation, "said the manager of Ente Plant Manager, Gabriel Messina.
In one case, the team was able to confirm that the residue came from a dental clinic to professional Naschel and cast them in grocery bags without giving the appropriate treatment and disposal that this type of waste should be met. In other cases, define the origin is harder.
"This is a violation of the Law of Hazardous Waste, including pathological, so we are doing the necessary investigations to determine the appropriate sanction, because it is a generator of hazardous waste and must have waste with a operator of medical waste enabled "forward the head of the Environmental Management Program, Mariela Chaves.
Note and photo: Paula Kraliczek - Newspapers Ministry of Environment.
Content compiler: Cecilia Sosa.
Correction: Berenice Tello.