Of the 339 studied in the past year, 152 of them were for violating health standards and which were the most numerous.
Followed far behind in the ranking, the complaints processed by breach of the rules of municipal waste, which were 35.
Thirty occurred because they violate the laws regulating ownership of dangerous dogs. To these a total of twenty-five hazardous waste, twenty-four for violating the rules on inland waters and nineteen related to forests and mountains are added, they are added to these seven forest fires in a year with very little inflammatory activity.
These data, which are part of the memory by the Seprona Lalin and A Estrada and were provided by the Civil Guard of Pontevedra, instruction twenty minutes and thirty conducting reports added. These were sent by agents in the area to authorities other than the central and regional administration.
Seprona the work of recovery is also part of animal species. In this case, last year were recovered in the common owl and buzzard.
In 2012, 345 complaints were enrolled agents, were 415 in 2010, 440 in 2009 and a total of 420 in 2008.