Through a statement, the company said that as part of any inspection carried permanently unit staff found that hazardous wastes are not stored according to their incompatibility, as established by the Mexican Official Standard NOM-054- SEMARNAT-1993.

He said that a bad placement of the stacks, in which the waste containers are stored, which resulted in a spill of the same was observed.

He said the company did not have the logs of operation and maintenance of process equipment and control well in seven different areas of your facility contamination was observed in the natural soil by chemicals, an area estimated at three thousand 465 meters squares.

He explained that another reason why the security measure was applied to the buffer exceeds the hazardous waste storage.

"Likewise has open for temporary storage of hazardous waste received for incineration and generating in the process without the required basic requirements for operation areas," he explained.

He stressed that the information submitted through the Annual Operating (COA) for the 2013, can not be determined if all hazardous waste was received at your facility.

He added that whenever the name differs registered hazardous waste on his blog, with the name reported in the COA, so it is not possible to compare the amounts of hazardous waste received for incineration.

Profepa determined to impose temporary business closure, because the failure mechanisms for pollution control may involve damage to ecosystems and public health.