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With the approval of the City, the Port Authority I General Environmental and Land Evaluation, the Generalitat Valenciana has authorized the installation in the Port of Alicante for a plant treating hazardous waste and hydrocarbons that come from large vessels. Neither rejection of neighbors and opposition parties of this facility by the presence only 500 meters from Benalúa Public School or the houses of the neighborhood Gran Vía Sur as well as some hotels in the area have lying coastal project. 
United ERC raised in their arguments, now rejected, that the facilities were not storage and treatment, which are those that have been approved at the end, so that the waste is processed in a more distant city facilities. For this reason, neighboring and EU have announced that they will exercise the right to appeal before what they consider a risk of explosions in an area surrounded by many houses, hotels and constant traffic. 
The claims have been dismissed, as published yesterday Official Document of Valencia (DOCV), in which the adoption of the Integrated Environmental Authorisation (AAI) required for processing these wastes on site who wants to build is collected Marpol commodity SL Alicante. The decision was given on 16 July, but now is when the Regional Administration has made public. 
It is a plant in the Muelle de Poniente Port of Alicante intended for reception of these hydrocarbons and hazardous waste generated on ships. Once stored in the facilities we proceed to separate water from fuel. This requires a process of concentration by the 65 degree heat that allow decanting of liquid fuel to generate reached. The authorization of the Consell clearly specifies that the signature must meet technical instruction on storage of flammable liquids. 
However, the authorization entails a modification not watched the initial project. As pointed out by the decision of the Ministry of Infrastructure, the company must be very careful with storage reactors, since the vessels are to be built double wall. They must also pay a deposit of 70,000 euros for possible breach of contract and an insurance one million euros for possible damages. 
Meanwhile, residents received the news with outrage yesterday as they initially agreed to the installation of the storage plant, as explained by the president of the neighborhood association Gran Vía Sur, Manolo Alarcón. However, he regretted that they had ignored the Generalitat to "processing should be developed in a remote area." Hence a climate of concern, as was evident at the meeting to be held yesterday residents of the area for other issues has been installed. 
EU regrets that the Government has rejected moving the plant to treat hazardous, noxious, toxic and carcinogenic liquids industry to APD 21, next to the highway and surrounded by Puerto polygons. 
Sheep Canyon 
Moreover, Alarcón announced that "it is out of time" to wait for the Sheep Canyon, hence suits are preparing demonstrations. The neighborhood group put on 11 September as the deadline to bring solution to the pipe wall and makes blocks the passage of water, which "could result in a catastrophe," as said the official Gran Vía Sur, if virulence rains, something they know well. Therefore, maintain contact with other groups to join forces.