In the area of ​​the channel island of Black Jordan river is affected only with the sewage that sheds Cipolletti. No traces of oil, or any other element. That was the result of the skills presented by the federal judge Roca, Jorge Garcia Davini, about pollution in the river. With this report, the complainants bear the responsibility on the town.
Last week, the Federal Court conducted an inspection in the context of the court case investigating the contamination of the Black and Neuquén rivers. The tour took place last Tuesday and participated Judge García Davini, prosecutor Alejandro Moldes, ombudswoman and Rio Black, Nadina Diaz, who was established in complainants.
The measures were ordered in the context of the complaint submitted by the provincial legislators Jorge Ocampos (ARI); Bautista Mendioroz (UCR); and Leonardo Ballester (UCR) and Senator Magdalena Odarda. The ombudswoman of Rio Black joined soon after, as complainant.
Yesterday, Garcia Davini presented the findings of visual inspection and chemical expertise that were ordered to determine the degree of contamination.
"The Black River in the area of ​​Jordan Island, is contaminated with sewage that sheds Cipolletti, the Neuquen not come to this area because they degrade before. No other contaminant or oil or anything," the legislator Jorge Ocampos, having held a telephone conversation with the head of the federal courthouse.
By roadblocks being carried out by fruit growers in the region, attorneys Ombudsman could not attend the hearing.
"As plaintiff of this case to analyze the violation of Law 24.051 which regulates hazardous waste management, order new evidentiary are evaluating measures to investigate crimes dump waste polluting our rivers," forward Nadina Diaz.
The defender also assured that perceived visual inspection "nauseating odor and browning" discharges from sewage. He explained that samples were taken three strategic points: at the soldiers Canal in Jordan Island and in the Neuquén River.
In March, the Federal Court ordered the survey to determine the existence of waste, called for the sampling of water and a water map that allows identify and determine the possible sources of contamination.
"The pollution comes from waste that throws Cipolletti and the responsibility of the municipality, which must exercise its police power. Probably, with this result, the complaint back to the provincial justice", stated the legislator Ocampos.