A worker died on 35 September 2006 and three others were seriously wounded after an explosion at the gunpowder factory General Dynamics Santa Bárbara SA Old Javalí while clearing a raft outdoor facilities. The representatives of the UGT workers in the multinational had brought to the attention of those responsible for the same risk of accident he had with existing gunpowder residue on that raft and other deficiencies in risk prevention. 
The Autonomous Community, following a report by the Directorate General of Planning, Evaluation and Environmental Control, the company sanctioned 300,506.06 euros for violations of the Law on Waste, forcing the company to the replacement and restoration of things to be and condition prior to the offense. The company turned the agreement of the Governing Council, 2009, and requested a refund of such amount, as well as default interest generated, claiming that he had not committed abandonment or dumping of hazardous waste, and who had not contracted work disposal. 
However, the Superior Court has rejected the request of the company, indicating that the sludge analyzed raft nitrocelusosa, flammable and highly explosive material and therefore dangerous was found. In addition, the company needed authorization for segregation, packaging, labeling, storage and management of these internal Explosives Hazardous Waste. The court credited the existence of uncontrolled dumping in time, so rejects the appeal, the fine and maintains the obligation to repair the damage. Santa Barbara Javalí sold his factory to another company, Explosives Alaveses in 2010.