We recall that, even though the case had been resolved by the DGCA with a penalty of € 25,000, this decision was reversed because that DGCA had "found" one claims company Reyval presented as the DGCA in timely manner, which had not been taken into account when arriving at this decision, which is surprising in any case, the same day as the expiration of the file is dictated to six months of initiation have been met.

Now the record is taken up at the time of submission of claims and is said to be taken into account, without being part contribute to become represented, Ecologists in Action, those arguments for evaluation and possible answer, although that public administration is obliged to do so.
This lack of input document allegations fundamental reason for the revocation of the previous disciplinary proceedings, is highly suspect, and enter into the dynamic of omission of information requested by the Platform to Contaminació Ciutadana not to the point of declaring some confidential important for the requested precisely in relation to the management of medical waste in the plant Alcora, namely analytical sterilization keys to know if sterilization is successful and no attempt is sterilized by other means which do not guarantee that sterilization, as it was found in May 2013, the inspection at the request of the complaints of the Platform, specifically in relation to an alleged sterilization of infectious medical waste with sodium hypochlorite, which the health law allows and that can pose a health risk first order, to ensure that no waste that may contain a variety of infectious diseases may spread, have been properly sterilized and can not infect anyone in the process of final management or infection vectors such as mosquitoes or other disease agents.

It is imperative that the government ensure strict compliance with the law on the management, especially infectious medical waste and cytostatic, which seems to be true of the management of hazardous waste in Reyval Ambient.