In the place containers of used, unused tires and engine parts oils were stored without respecting current legislation, according to the Ibiza Town Hall, where he worked two people of Spanish origin, which lacked administrative leave for the activity that there are was producing.

The officers noticed that the place did not have the proper containers for recycling used products, resulting spills on the floor. Thus, they completed the denunciations not to submit certificate of compatibility, environmental license, responsible declaration prior to the start of the activity of waste production and not being registered in the Register of Small producers of hazardous waste and non-hazardous waste.

They also detected that there was no registry book of delivery / acceptance of hazardous waste, contract manager of hazardous waste and non-waste stored under proper conditions.

With this police operation, are now three sweatshops disjointed so far this year. These operations are part of the operation 'Nut', which began earlier this year with the aim of eradicating these clandestine activities detrimental to the sector and to end unlawful activities that harm the environment.