This was announced by the government delegate of Spain in Castile and Leon, Juan Carlos Suarez-Quinones, during the presentation of operating DGT for this summer.

In this regard, he added that the priority is to minimize the fatal incidents. To do this, Suarez-Quinones are to use every means available to prevent accidents, including fines. In this regard, he said that "the sanction only in circumstances who is afraid of breaking the rules." In addition, the government delegate stressed that they have one of six helicopters, equipped with a radar system with Pegasus '' hunt '' to all those who "endanger the lives of people." The operation was completed by 157 television cameras, 216 data collection stations, 233 variable message panels and 89 meteorological stations; to which we must add the 1,500 agents of the Civil Guard Traffic and DGT 84 professionals in our community.

As for the forecasts, Suarez-Quinones moved that regional roads recorded in July and August, 13.85 million journeys, representing 3.85 percent from a year ago.

For this reason, the government delegate of Spain recommended that before initiating before starting a journey should check the vehicle to get it ready, set the browser before getting behind the wheel, do not use your mobile, no alcohol, no drugs, breaks and respect the safe distance and avoid distractions to the driver. In addition, the regional coordinator of Traffic, Immaculate Matias recalled that the road works will be suspended when the output matching operations and trucks circulate dangerous goods and shall not develop sports events in the days of greater density circulatory prohibited.

Finally, Suarez-Quinones explained that during the summer, will be held three special campaigns, which will focus on documentation and condition of the vehicle -from 6 to 12 th July in the rate-from 20 to 26 July -, and consumption of alcohol and drugs-from 10 to 16 August-.

Check tires, oil and brakes for safe travel

July starts with it the holidays and output operation. To perform the movement, short or long distance, in the safest conditions for the occupants of the vehicle is necessary to review the main levels and automotive components such as brakes, tires and oil levels. Although always the first fact active safety is extremely careful driving and avoid distractions, which have become the main cause of fatal accidents.