It was reported that the worker got his hands a black bag containing hospital waste, so that caused a picket felt curiosity.
In reviewing the contents of the bag, he realized he had lots of syringes and hospital equipment.
Marbella Bernal Robles, president of the Civil Association Youth Connection, he said he had heard the case, however he came into doubt, as it ensures that the high temperatures that live in the southern part of Tamaulipas, hardly the virus could survive for long, but the case is not to be excluded that it happened that way.
Meanwhile, in the sitting council of the Municipality of Altamira, training on the proper handling of hazardous, biological and infectious waste, where the area of ​​Municipal Ecology and Semarnat pledged to encourage hospitals and laboratories it will be developed the area to the proper management of these wastes.
The Director of Public Services Alejandro Velazquez Gerez, said hospital waste have become a problem for the municipality of Altamira, since in the gaps found up to 300 bags of blood.
The official said that most hospital waste belong to the IMSS Clinic number 16 "Morita" for the identification of where wastes have come and what they contain.
For his staff of Semarnat reported that this type of waste should be placed in red bags and objects with infectious tip should get to airtight containers to not cause problems.