The counselor seeks means and promotes actions to facilitate the implementation of activities of transport of dangerous goods and its tasks is to examine the compliance of company rules applied to this activity, identify dangerous goods and assess specific needs for the acquisition of transportation.

You must also certify that the personnel involved in the company has received adequate training for the treatment of hazardous materials, undertake awareness and implement appropriate emergency procedures in case of accidents or incidents.

Applications must be submitted using telematic or log the Department of Infrastructure and identification of the location of Valencia in which you want to perform the test and if the candidate is presented to a specialty or comprehensive examination.

The last call last May, 186 candidates were presented, of which 139 were to renew your certificate (and that are valid for 5 years) and 47 to obtain the degree with a pass rate of 95.7% and 70.2% respectively.

As for a general balance of the year 2013, came to present 178 candidates, of whom one hundred were for obtaining certificate and the rest for renewal. The percent passing this year was 71% in the former and 92.3% for renewal.

In the case of professional aptitude certificate certifying the initial qualification required to drive vehicles of category C1, C1 + E, C, C + E, D1, D1 + E, D or D + E of goods or passengers road, the deadline for submitting applications is 20 October to 7 November and 22 November examination.

Applicants must submit documentation electronically only.

As for the certificate of professional competence for the pursuit of the activities of domestic and international transport of goods and passengers may be submitted, either by registration or telematic the Department of Infrastructure.