The ships participating in the exercise Marsec-15, simulating a crew mutiny and kidnapping the captain of a ship carrying dangerous goods, but had to leave to attend a real emergency.

The Centre for Maritime Rescue Coordination (CCS) has received a call at 11:15 am as the Makila yacht, 28 meters long, suffered a fire on board near the marina of Torredembarra.

The CCS has mobilized Salvamar Diphda and the tug Punta Mayor and has also enabled the patrol Rio Martin.

Upon arrival, the two crew members of the yacht had been taken up and the fire was controlled, but the engine running out, had anchor waiting for help and, because of their size, have towed to port for safety Roda Berà .

There have inspected the Fire Brigade, which has proven that it was not a fire, but a failure in the cooling system overheated engine that has caused a heavy smoke and has set off alarms.

Salvage also reports that yesterday coordinated assistance to a barge 33 meters in length damaged and drifting in front of the Delta del Ebro.

The Punta Mayor barge towed to the port of Tarragona and today reached eight in the morning.