The European Court in Luxembourg also reported that also exists in Italy, "to the complete execution of the judgment of 2007, a penalty of 42.8 million euros per semester for delayed implementation" of these measures.

The ECJ recalled that following the judgment of 2007, Italy "has failed widespread and persistent obligations regarding waste management defined by the directives on waste".

The EC estimated in 2013 that Italy had not yet taken all necessary steps to implement the 2007 judgment and, in particular, noted that 218 landfills located in 18 of the 20 Italian regions did not comply with the Directive on waste.

The Court indicated that it was deduced that "must have sites running without authorization" and another 16 of those were hazardous waste landfills in violation of another directive on hazardous waste.

For CE "Italy had not shown that five of the landfills were the subject of a management plan or measure decommissioning" according to the Landfill Directive.

The EU executive also reported that there were 198 landfills do not comply with the directive of waste in Italy, another 14 with hazardous waste and two more to the landfill.

The Court of Justice of the EU today reminded Italy that "the mere fact of closing a landfill or waste covered with soil and debris is not sufficient to consider the obligations derived from the waste directive", and that these closures and security "are not sufficient".

Also considered insufficient seal the landfill and initiate criminal proceedings against the operator, plus estimated that the country has not provided any data to determine the date on which such operations were performed sanitation.

"Accordingly, the Court finds that there were persistently violated obligations recover waste or delete them without danger to humans or the environment," says the statement.

Make that Italy has not ensured that applies and the authorization scheme established nor effective cessation of operations without authorization is effectively implemented, plus it also proceeded to registration and identification of each of the hazardous waste dumped at these sites .

The Court added that "Italy is in breach of the obligation to ensure that a conditioning plan or a definitive measure of closure for certain landfills is taken."

Therefore, the European court condemns that country "to pay a lump sum of 40 million euros".

Make it as failure persists for more than seven years, measures have been taken slowly and there is still illegal landfills in almost all Italian regions, imposes "a decreasing penalty, the amount is gradually reduced in proportion" to the number of landfills regularized in compliance with the judgment.

It also notes that progress semiannually Italy in fulfilling their obligations will be monitored and that the country will have to give the CE "proof that have taken the necessary measures" to enforce the judgment of 2007.

This penalty will be calculated for the first half, says the ECJ, from an initial amount of 42.8 million euros and 400,000 euros that number for each hazardous waste landfills regularized and 200,000 euros will be deducted for each one of the others.