The Cuba Company Air Products was the only parked in the sun, without tanks or other vehicles around. Its contents, liquid oxygen. Firefighters received notice at 11.20, in which it warned that gas out of the spout and a beep is heard. In addition, a column of white smoke was observed.

As usual, they told a technician from the company and chilled water valve, since they had formed balls of ice next to the place where oxygen is discharged. The liquid as a gas escaping at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.

The specialist, known firefighters from similar interventions, released the pressure tank remained of new resting. One expert said yesterday that these situations are certainly occur because Cuba has been shaken in the hold of the ship that transported by sea to the island. When placed in the sun to sun, heat and gas leak occurs.

In principle oxygen is not dangerous but may cause a burning by contact with surrounding objects. It is difficult for an explosion, but may pose a great danger given the proximity of the station. However, these tanks parked increasingly further from the station.

Many companies use this wilderness as parking place for the vats in transporting dangerous goods, such as hydrocarbons, before loaded on vessels that lead to Mallorca or distribute the peninsula or island, as the case yesterday . It is a medical oxygen tank for the Can Misses Hospital and Polyclinic Nuestra Señora del Rosario.