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04 Mar The clean point average in Zafra over 3,000 users and 170 tons of waste in its first year
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   The facility became operational at the end of February 2015 and has the capacity to receive up to twenty types of waste that must be managed independently for proper treatment and recovery. ..
04 Mar Bergman recognizes that the cyanide spill contaminated the water Barrick San Juan
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The minister recalled that received "this week's neighbors Jáchal", a town near the Veladero mine, which controls the multinational Barrick Gold, and promised to soon travel to the province. ..
03 Mar Inspect industries to control the integrated waste management
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Program Management and Environmental Control, Industrial and Mining, under the ministerial portfolio, performs a series of inspections to various industries; between 24 and 26 February brought ..
12 Feb The province making progress in implementing electronic documentation on hazardous waste
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    The Hazardous Waste Manifest is an electronic document that will accompany all movement of hazardous waste, since the establishment of the generator to final disposal. His clothing onli..
12 Feb China admits "inappropriate or illegal" storage causes explosions Tianjin
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The official report released by Xinhua was made by the Council of State (Government) after five months of investigations into the blasts, which left at least 165 dead, although previous death t..
11 Feb The National Court is against a facility for waste treatment
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The applicant alleges infringement of art. 32 of the Coastal Act and art. 60 of the Regulations on the ground that the installation can be placed outside the DPMT and that has not been shuffled..
03 Feb A public information the draft Industrial Waste Plan of Galicia 2016-2022
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The Xunta de Galicia is published in the website of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning the draft Industrial Waste Plan of Galicia (2016-2022), with which the process of public inf..
03 Feb Profepa collects nearly 4 million pesos in fines to companies Tamaulipas
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The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) in Tamaulipas, raised nearly four million pesos in various fines imposed on more than 50 companies in 2015, said the delegate of the ..
02 Feb The Madrid inspects almost 67,000 passenger vehicles and goods in 2015
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As reported by the regional government in a statement, 2,178 routine roadside checks were carried out, in which a total of 18,640 vehicles, which 1,062 controls of an extraordinary nature, wher..
02 Feb Thermal is the company that greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere
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During the discussion of this point, it came to pass on the degree of pollution large industries in the town of Sagunto. This discussion arose because the study accompanying the request for Eur..
02 Feb Toxic landfill began operating in April
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The overall project manager of hazardous waste landfill of the company Mexican Ecological Society North (SEMNSA), Javier Calderon Dominguez, reported that the work carries a 30 percent improvem..
26 Jan Certifications airports
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This news was announced by the General Director of Dominican Airports Century XXI (Aerodom), Dr. Monica Infante, in the customary Christmas meeting with specialized journalists in the airport i..
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