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05 Dec The entry of dangerous Goods is regulated ports.
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 · Truck: It will validate the request quote call center · By train: validate in the notice Import, information will have to continue to be sent by shipping line as usu..
05 Dec Controlled leakage of dangerous goods truck Valdes
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 Los bomberos procedieron a taponar la fuga, procedente de un pequeño orificio, situado en la parte inferior de la mitad de la cisterna, utilizando un cojín venda, según indica el 112 en not..
04 Dec INTT preside Mercosur workshop on transport sector
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 El INTT informó en nota de prensa que en el encuentro se abordarán el tema de Transportes de Mercancías Peligrosas, con el que estudiarán los procesos de internalización de texto revisado d..
04 Dec A clash of film to evaluate the safety plan
04 Dec IU -Greens rejected the motion of PP modification regulations on transport of dangerous goods
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 El diputado de IU-Verdes, José Antonio Pujante, ha rechazado hoy la moción del PP referida a la modificación de la normativa vigente que afecta al transporte terrestre de mercancías peligro..
04 Dec Promoting the study of alternative care for the freight station of Tanos
04 Dec Recycling for carriage of dangerous goods
04 Dec The GPP calls for more security in the transport of dangerous goods
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 The regional deputy Patricio Gomez claimed today new measures to improve safety in the transport of dangerous goods as well as modifying the requirements for renewal of licenses as part of ..
04 Dec Changing rules on inland transport of dangerous goods
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 PP and PSOE have voted against IU and modifying various aspects of current legislation on the inland transport of dangerous goods. According to the parliamentary group , maker of the motion..
20 Nov DGM launches online marketing publications on hazardous cargo
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The company has tried to centralize the whole process of buying your new website online with the aim of facilitating and much more comfortable buying process with all regulations .Among ..
20 Nov Renew ADR require passing an exam from next October 8
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Guitrans reported that the renewal of these permits will still be required every five years and has also clarified that the dates of validity of licenses resulting from the courses and exami..
13 Nov Twelve thousand ships pass dangerous goods between the islands each year
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v> "It was an absolute achievement of the Spanish authorities which had its engine in the Delegation of Government José Segura " says Padron, " as well as controlling the traffic on these c..
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