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09 Dec Spanish generated 21.8 million tons of waste in 2013, 2.7% less than in 2012
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In particular, 17.9 million tons of municipal waste collected in 2013 corresponded to mixed waste and 3.9 million tonnes to other separate collection. The main wreckage that were separately col..
09 Dec 27 are closed for polluting industries Atoyac River
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The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa), in coordination with the National Water Commission (Conagua), closed 27 industries established in Atoyac River Basin to address envi..
09 Dec About 80% of hazardous waste generators in the region does not meet Cuitzeo law
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About 80 percent of generators of hazardous waste (RP) in the Cuitzeo region, known handling such materials and fails to applicable law, said the researcher of the Universidad Michoacana de San..
02 Dec Ebola lessons a year later
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During those months, since the arrival of the missionary Miguel Pajares, August 7, until discharge of Romero, the November 5, 2014, Spain was forced to change up to six times the performance..
02 Dec Hundreds of people raise their voices against macrovertedero
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Attendees criticized the 25 years that have had to endure bad smells and leachate spills. Given that the company ships TM Grupo Sánchez to be used as medical waste plant, Nestor and Elisa Ferra..
02 Dec Still operate municipal hazardous waste landfill
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Miguel Angel Castillo Gutierrez, head of the said that the city is gradually creating a positive environmental culture, and are carrying these pollutants to address this area.   "Receiv..
30 Nov Oakland demand Monsanto for "continuous contamination" of San Francisco Bay
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The attorney for the City of Oakland Berbara Parker, in a lawsuit filed this week, wants the company to pay for environmental cleanup. It occurs after the Control Board of the State Water Resou..
30 Nov 635 highly contaminated sites in Mexico
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The Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) has a record of the existence of at least 635 highly contaminated sites in the country.   The list is headed by Veracruz,..
24 Nov More than 200 oil still enter the year on the docks of San Diego
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In total, in 2014 were 207 tankers entered the city, at an average of more than one every two days, all plying the waters of the river up to the San Diego terminal. 70 Other liquid bulk ships c..
24 Nov Debate in Cuba on safe handling of hazardous substances
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The meeting, on the eighth anniversary of the organization, was sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education (MES) and Cuba chapter of the American Institute of Naval Engineering, and in some ..
13 Nov Neiva will have a day of hazardous waste collection
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As confirmed by the director of the Autonomous Corporation of Alto Magdalena (Cam), Carlos Cuellar, collecting two points they will be located at the Southern Colombia University and Cam facili..
13 Nov Sign removal of hazardous waste ship Los Llanitos
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In a statement, he said the company responsible proceeded, supported by a helicopter service, with the withdrawal of various materials such as solvents, paints and batteries; while also he perf..
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