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08 Jan The judge investigating the presence of hazardous waste hidden under a municipal plot in Can Picafort
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A recent judicial expertise has confirmed the presence of traces of concrete, iron, plastic, rubble silicone tubes and a paint whose packaging warns toxicity. All of them hidden under a surface..
07 Jan They pose toxic treat without removing the hill
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The federal official said that the company was withdrawing chemical residues Cerro de la Cruz, "but I have no progress report, I understand that he has not retired. Right now you're seeing that..
07 Jan PROFEPA closing three companies for polluting
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The federal delegate of Profepa in the state noted that staff of the unit came in first instance a company located in the city of Matamoros, which serves for the collection and temporary sto..
05 Jan The'megatrucks' a threat to carriers
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Euromodular trucks configuration, better known as'megatrucks', and can travel on Spanish roads. However, depends on the conditions that determine the general direction of traffic, when grant..
28 Dec The megacamiones and can circulate legally in Spain
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If it is true that from now may be moved by road trucks up to 60 tons of MMA and 25.25 meters in length, but not affect the bulk of transportation in our country by a number of restrictions. Fi..
21 Dec It expected 290,000 traffic movements in Burgos during the holidays
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The Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) faces from this weekend the usual succession of special Christmas traffic campaign, a period during which around 290,000 trips are planned by the Burgos..
21 Dec They will stop broadcasting companies 82 000 tonnes of hazardous waste
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According to information in a news also an annual water saving is estimated to 408.586 cubic meters and 24,488,000 kWh in power in the states of Quintana Roo, Baja California, Tamaulipas, Duran..
17 Dec Hanjin Shipping fails in the attempt to refloat his ship
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The Hanjin Aqua is a container ship of 62,448 dwt and 249 meters long that joined the fleet of Hanjin Shipping in 2012. The vessel ran aground when navigating through shallow and rocky waters w..
17 Dec Local police of Ciudad Real are formed in controlling freight
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It was attended twenty local agents, attended also by agents of the National Police. The rapporteur has been Rainier Martinez Dobón, local police of Valencia and expert in this field.   ..
11 Dec Order PRE / 2476/2015 of 20 November
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Published in: "BOE" no. 281 of November 24, 2015, from 110,416 to 110,437 pages (22 pp.) Section I. General Provisions Department: Ministry of the Presidency Reference: BOE-A-2015-1..
11 Dec Resolution of November 5, 2015, State Railway Safety Agency
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Publicado en: «BOE» núm. 283, de 26 de noviembre de 2015, páginas 111839 a 112005 (167 págs.) Sección: III. Otras disposiciones Departamento: Ministerio de Fomento Referencia: BOE-A..
11 Dec Corrigendum to the Amendments
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Published in: "BOE" no. 292, of December 7, 2015, from 115,693 to 115,716 pages (24 pp.) Section I. General Provisions Department: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Referenc..
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