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22 Jan Warn Gibraltar extraction of hazardous waste "uncontrolled"
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   As he explained to Europa Press Antonio Munoz, spokesman for the environmental group in the Campo de Gibraltar, this is the "mountain of aggregates" that accumulates the colony "for years" o..
22 Jan They assert that Semarnat does not collect hazardous waste properly
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At a press conference, the president of Professionals for Mexico, Reynaldo Guerrero Corona, explained that even though they have requested the delegate of Semarnat, Antonio González Azuara who ..
22 Jan Resolution of the Board of Directors of the Port Authority of Bilbao
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Published in: "BOE" no. 19, of January 22, 2016, pages 2309-2310 (2 pages) Section V. ads - B. Other official announcements Department: Ministry of Development Reference: BOE-B-2016..
21 Jan Resolution of January 8, 2016, the Directorate General of Traffic
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Published in: "BOE" no. 15 of January 18, 2016, pages 2697-2733 (37 pp.) Section I. General Provisions Department: Department of the Interior Reference: BOE-A-2016-401   ..
20 Jan Tianjin closed, moved and correct 583 chemical companies in explosions site
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  Among the 85 companies included in the "red" list, nine have been corrected ten relocation plans have been drawn and the remaining 66 have signed an agreement with the government to restructure..
20 Jan Land for the new Hospital Hidalgo, with no risk of contamination
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Huizar Botello said that because the building is made with resources from the Federation were the central authorities who requested the completion of the relevant studies so that there was no r..
20 Jan The BOE publishes restrictions on heavy vehicle traffic during 2016.
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So, as recorded by the BOE dated January 18, 2016 the movement restrictions freight vehicles are set out in Annex I.   A vehicle or combination of vehicles over 7,500 kg of maximum auth..
13 Jan A leak of a diesel truck activates the Transcat in Sant Feliu de Codines
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As reported by Civil Protection, a tanker oil delivery truck has overturned and has suffered a leak at kilometer 25 of the C-59 up to Sant Feliu de Codines.   The truck driver was not i..
13 Jan Mexico: Ask Sener and CRE NOM to ensure implementation of transport fuels
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The lawmaker Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) considered it necessary to conduct a thorough review of the Mexican Official Standard concerning safety protocols, as well as weights and me..
13 Jan Hazardous waste from households
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The chairman of the Advisory Council for Sustainable Development (CCSD), José Carmelo Zavala said in homes there are mostly municipal solid waste (MSW) and hazardous characteristics, so that th..
11 Jan Chile: a wounded passenger hazardous material spill left in the Metro
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The situation was triggered because a user subway, whose identity is unknown, was carrying a container of 50 ml with a mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid while riding in one of the ca..
08 Jan DPZ firefighters performed 2,700 operations in 2015, 12% more than the previous year
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Within this increase include the actions carried out in the natural environment, which doubled, mainly due to the floods that occurred in the Ebro and several of its tributaries -in 2014 305 se..
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